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Research and Literature:

Updating Classic America: Bungalows

M. Caren Connolly and Louis Wasserman

Taunton Press

Updating Classic America: Bungalows

Drawing from their experience in
practice and research, Wasserman and
Connolly wrote their first book,
Updating Classic America: Bungalows
Sharing the experience the firm has
gained in design and renovation,
Wasserman and Connolly have presented
the reader with innovative and
tasteful design solutions.

Says John Stilgoe, Department of
Visual and Environmental Studies,
Harvard University, Bungalows is “a
superb melding of tradition and

The book, published by Tauton Press,
was a successful and exciting experience
for Wasserman and Connolly, and the two
have continued to work with Taunton on
the Updating Classic America series and
Cottage: America's Favorite Home.

Updating Classic America: Bungalows
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