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Cathedral Square Rooftop Terrace

Van Buren Management


View to the WestView to the West

Remember recess? It was the best part of
grade school. It was even better than hot
lunch or gym. The colorful roof terrace
on the eleventh floor of Cathedral Place
in the center of Milwaukee’s East Town
captures the recess experience for it’s
professional office staff and condominium

As vibrant as poster paint; red
triangles, blue circles, and yellow
squares identify six social areas within
the 7000 square foot terrace. Stainless
steel wire seating sparkles in the
sunlight, providing seating for 108. The
meandering seating arrangements evoke
childhood games; Shooting marbles, Crack
the Whip and Red Rover. While eating
lunch the buildings' residents take in
views of Milwaukee’s landmarks; the
horizon of Lake Michigan, City Hall, the

Hoan Bridge, and the spires of historic
churches. Backless seating allows sun
seekers to follow the rays as
effortlessly as a sunflower tracks the
sun and return to work refreshed by their
daily dose of Vitamin D.

Serious concerns of security, lighting,
theft, waterproofing, microclimate, plant
viability and maintenance determined much
of the design. Throw into the mix that
the terrace is designed for the enjoyment
and use of two different and distinct
user groups (condo residents and
professional office staff) and it is
clear that designing a roof terrace on
the upper deck of a parking garage can be
fun but it is not child’s play.

Aerial view.Aerial view.
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