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Home on 200 acres

Sheboygan County Residents


Night viewNight view

This is a cottage for a couple, who run
marathons the world over, entertain at
home and value their solitude. The
couple wanted to build a small home
(2200 sq. ft) that would take full
advantage of the scenic quality of 250
acres composed of both rolling farm
fields and heavily wooded ravines. The
major criteria was that the site and its
agricultural heritage be respected. Other
criteria were that as few trees as
possible be removed, the house was not to
be visible from the road, and that every
room have a distinct view. The clients
specifically chose a firm that included
both an architect and a landscape
architect, in order that the site and the
home be designed in concert with one

View from kitchen to entry.View from kitchen to entry.
View from living room.View from living room.
View from kitchen to living room.View from kitchen to living room.
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